liveFABlife Podcast: Overcoming Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Challenges with Holly Morello

I was incredibly honored to be a guest on the Live Fab Life Podcast, hosted by my friend and professional colleague, Naomi Nakamura, who is a Holistic Health Coach and is also a high tech professional. Her podcasts are super informative and she’s a fantastic interviewer. Naomi shares her own journey to healing and interviews experts of various modalities of holistic health that align with her work on herself and with her clients.

While nutritional therapy is foundational to healing, it’s only one part of your overall well-being. Considering healthy sleep habits, stress reduction, appropriate movement, adequate sunlight, avoidance of environmental toxins in your home and in your self care products are of necessary too. Equally important is finding a way to stop toxic thoughts and to heal emotional scars that tend to haunt us if not dealt with in a manner which lets us release them. These are underlying stressors that also affect the health of our mind-body-spirit.

My own journey to healing actually started with learning to become more mindful and while I couldn’t meditate for the life of me, learning Reiki, as a guided meditation was an incredible powerful tool that “calmed my inner storm” which empowered me to live for a bit in the present moment, releasing the pain, and gracing upon me, a glimmer of hope. I also share how powerful Emotional Freedom Technique (EMF) is, which I have written about in a couple of my posts (this one in particular). In all the work that I have done to help myself heal, this was a missing piece that helped me become more fully myself…rather than “what has happened to me.” Lastly, forgiveness of not just others, which I find easy these day, but forgiveness of myself. That has given me the most freedom.

I get super vulnerable in this podcast. The work of Brene’ Brown has encouraged me to share my struggles so that others can find hope and know that they are not alone. They are not the only ones and often, there doesn’t even have to be anything outwardly amiss in your life. Sometimes it is living in a way that doesn’t nourish your soul, and other times it’s because there is actual dysfunction in your body which affect your thoughts and feelings in a way you never considered. Please know, if you are in anyway not feeling or living your best life, you can get there. I hear you, I see you. There is hope, there is always hope. ❤️

Please enjoy this podcast and drop me a line if you want to chat about it! xo

liveFABlife: Overcoming Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Challenges with Holly Morello


About the Author:

Holly Morello is a functional nutritional therapy practitioner, wife, and mom of 3 nearly grown sons. Her passion is helping kids with ADHD, anxiety and other challenges such as behavior issues, depression, and digestive issues. She often works with entire families or at least the parents, as parents of challenging children often have their own struggles due to the stress. On the other end of the spectrum, she also love helping menopausal women who are often confused and are feeling alone by the changes to their body because they typically don’t know anything about it until they are in it. And, she's been there, as well as being an overtaxed parent! Holly's goal is for others to be empowered by hope, hope that they can heal and life will get better. Her approach is to find and address the root cause of her client's challenges and to use food as medicine plus targeted nutritional therapy to help them heal and live their best lives. Her advanced skillset includes clinical testing of gut health, hormones, food sensitivities, and nutritional blood chemistry. Holly has been an advocate of safer personal and body care products for many years and is proud to represent Beautycounter, a company who’s mission is to craft high performing safer personal care products for the entire family and who also work with legislators to get toxic chemicals out of ALL personal and home care products in the U.S. Nourishing Excellence Nutritional Therapy, LLC Instagram @nourishingholly Holly's Beautycounter page:

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