Gut Instinct : Living and eating in a microbiome world” Conference

Join me at the “Gut Instinct : Living and eating in a microbiome world” conference – Portland, Oregon, October 14-16

“Cutting-edge research and multi-disciplinary approaches all under one roof.”


Friday at 6:30 pm – Keynote address by Dr. Embritette Hyde of The American Gut Project | The Knight Lab UCSD | Forbes’ 30 Under 30

From the Cerimon House website: “She’ll (Dr. Embritette) separate the hope from the hype surrounding the scientific world’s biggest research initiative today: understanding the importance of healthy bacterial ecosystems that impact everyday life.  From where you live to what you eat, from who you mate with and whether you have a dog — all of these factors affect your bacteria and your health, most especially your gut health.  Whether you’re a health provider or patient tending to digestive issues and inflammation, or if you just want to preserve the good health you have, Dr. Hyde brings the alien world of human bacteria into a realm that’s both freaky and fun.”


Four Panel Discussions:

– Research & Remedies
– Living & Loving with Lifestyle Restrictions
– Finding Your Way Through the Dietary Maze
– Essentials to Jump Start Your Gut Instinct Now (I’ll be on this one moderated by Tressa Yellig of Salt, Fire & Time/ Broth Bar.

Twelve Workshops: Abdominal Massage, Japanse Fermentation, Ayurvedic Cleanses, Bone Broth, Essential Kitchen Skills, Compassionate Self-Care

Vendor Fair on Sunday featuring local businesses, practitioners, products & services focused on Gut Health.

Location: Cerimon House | 5131 NE 23rd Ave. Portland, OR 97211



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