Bringing the Healing Power of Nature Indoors | Indoor Plants Scientifically Proven to Filter Toxins

The Healing Power of Nature I’m certain our ancestors have always known, and I believe that each of us has the innate wisdom to know that nature is healing. If you are like me, the clean, fresh air of the seaside is invigorating, the sound of the waves, soothing, and the feel of the sand, [...]

Are Your Personal Care Products Affecting Your Hormones & Your Metabolism?

In every Nutritional Therapy protocol I deliver is some version of this: check all personal & home care products & replace with safer versions. I recommend using The Environmental Working Group as a guide and wrote more about this subject here, back in 2014 (with updates): Hormones in our personal care products? . 🌱 I [...]

Is it mental health or physical health? What is the root cause?

Long and vulnerable post 🦋 Life’s challenges. Why is it that for some, it can take them down while others can rise strong from their experience(s)? I don’t need to tell you that mental health is complex and does not discriminate. We haven’t gotten it figured out yet, which is why we are mourning the [...]

liveFABlife Podcast: Overcoming Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Challenges with Holly Morello

I was incredibly honored to be a guest on the Live Fab Life Podcast, hosted by my friend and professional colleague, Naomi Nakamura, who is a Holistic Health Coach and is also a high tech professional. Her podcasts are super informative and she's a fantastic interviewer. Naomi shares her own journey to healing and interviews [...]

Stop The Self Sabotage and Heal Your Mind, Body, & Spirit

Clients come to me with their food journals and they are often pretty darn clean. They follow a real food lifestyle and they are perplexed that they aren't getting the results they hoped for. The biggest issues they are looking to resolve are: weight (and or fat) loss digestive issues autoimmune conditions blood sugar handling [...]

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Reiki and Nutritional Therapy – A Power Pair of Healing Therapies

What is Reiki?   Reiki, "universal life force energy,"  is a non-religion based complementary health approach that is practiced on oneself and also with others with the goal of facilitating the body’s own innate healing response to restoring physical and emotional well-being. It's classified by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health as energy medicine. In our busy, [...]

Inspiring Recovery Story from Nourishing Hope: Getting Your Hopes Up with Shamus

As the Project Manager of Community Development for Nourishing Hope, I was privileged in helping put together this remarkable story of hope, healing, and recovery for not only Shamus, who was diagnosed with moderate to severe autism, but for Anita his mother, and Kaitlyn, Shamus' little sister. To read the full story, please visit [...]

Gut Instinct : Living and eating in a microbiome world” Conference

Join me at the "Gut Instinct : Living and eating in a microbiome world" conference - Portland, Oregon, October 14-16 "Cutting-edge research and multi-disciplinary approaches all under one roof." SCHEDULE Friday at 6:30 pm - Keynote address by Dr. Embritette Hyde of The American Gut Project | The Knight Lab UCSD | Forbes' 30 Under 30 [...]

Luka’s Recovery From Autism

(Photo from Luka's Recovery From Autism As the project manager of community development for Nourishing Hope for Autism, I had the honor of helping compile Luka's incredibly powerful story of recovery from autism. Nourishing Hope focuses on helping children with Autism as well as ADHD, and learning and developmental delays through bioindividual nutrition and biomedical treatment [...]

How to Cut the Chaos and Get Focused

Does your life feel chaotic? I can relate. Consider this question: is it your life that is chaotic or is it your state of mind? Many of us are juggling quite a lot and yes, sometimes maybe too much but before you start saying no to everything or removing your current obligations, consider if the chaos is [...]