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Bringing the Healing Power of Nature Indoors | Indoor Plants Scientifically Proven to Filter Toxins

The Healing Power of Nature I’m certain our ancestors have always known, and I believe that each of us has the innate wisdom to know that nature is healing. If you are like me, the clean, fresh air of the seaside is invigorating, the sound of the waves, soothing, and the feel of the sand, [...]

Are Your Personal Care Products Affecting Your Hormones & Your Metabolism?

In every Nutritional Therapy protocol I deliver is some version of this: check all personal & home care products & replace with safer versions. I recommend using The Environmental Working Group as a guide and wrote more about this subject here, back in 2014 (with updates): Hormones in our personal care products? . 🌱 I [...]

Hormone disruptors in your personal care products?

Did you know that many of the man made chemicals in personal care products such as skin care, make-up, and deodorant can harm your body and your organs? These ingredients can disrupt your hormones, digestion, brain health and more. Some can damage your DNA and are linked to cancer and other significant health disorders! The [...]

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