Do The 21-Day Sugar Detox™ with ME! [For FREE!]

Do The 21-Day Sugar Detox™ with ME! [For FREE!]

Will you be a Beta Tester with me?! For free? Intrigued? Read on! 

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In my role as a certified nutritional therapy and GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) practitioner, I work with 1:1 clients from all over the world via Skype or phone as well as in-person. I help individuals support and overcome their health challenges through targeted nutrition and lifestyle changes.

I specialize in supporting digestive issues, including IBS and SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth); blood sugar handling; student athletes, and the foundations to support just about any health issue including thyroid and hormonal issues. I am also on staff of a very dynamic team built by the New York Times Bestselling author, blogger, speaker, podcaster, (and so much more), Diane Sanfilippo.

At, where I am the Content developer and Community Development Lead, we just launched an awesome new program to help others in the health & wellness industry step of their game with completely amazing tools to help facilitate groups of people through the already successful, The 21-Day Sugar Detox™  program. Referred to in social media as the ‪#‎21DSD and #21DaySugarDetox, The 21-Day Sugar Detox™ is a well established, hugely effective program designed to help people change their habits around sugar in an easy to implement and follow plan.

This program was developed by Diane Sanfilippo (a certified nutritionist) some years ago. There is a guidebook, a cookbook, and an ever expanding online program as well. I am proud to say that I have and continue to contribute my time and talents to materials and support for The 21-Day Sugar Detox™ Online Program.

The recently launched The 21-Day Sugar Detox™ | Coaches Program is currently a Beta Program. I’m honored to be part of that program’s development AND to also be Certified 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach as well. Here’s where YOU come in…I am looking for a small group of individuals that are interested in taking their health to a new level by joining me via group coaching. I am planning to run this particular group coaching online with the first official day of the detox starting on Monday, March 2nd.

Here’s the great news…I will not be charging an extra fee for my Beta group! Beta testers will either buy The 21-Day Sugar Detox: Bust Sugar & Carb Cravings Naturally book, or purchase a complete package that includes the ever expanding, comprehensive 21-Day Sugar Detox online program (that’s what I recommend!).

If you are local and think you would like an in-person group, let me know. I have experience with Corporate Wellness and can do this for your company or any special interest group. This program can be modified for athletes, those with autoimmune conditions, pescetarians, children, as well as pregnant and nursing women.

This is not some fad diet! It’s a healthy, whole food based 21-day reset that has a track record of reducing insulin needs for diabetics, improving skin, improving digestion, improving sleep, reducing and even eliminating joint and back pain, lowering high blood pressure, lifting brain fog, improving moods … and so much more!

There are even 3 levels of entry to chose from based on a self-quiz I’ll guide you through. The 21-Day Sugar Detox™  is a great way to reset when your formerly habits have gone awry or to kickstart new, improved habits that will lead the way to better overall health and wellness.

What is my value to you? Well, as my group participant, you’ll get access to my experienced knowledge base of nutritional therapy skills and “tool box” of extra support so that you are super successful – I will make sure of it! As a woman of 52 and a parent of 3 sons, two in college and one in high school, and lots of diverse life experiences under my belt, I can tell you, there isn’t much in life I haven’t experienced. I’ve known and overcome lots of challenges and struggles- physical, emotional, and otherwise. I have also been blessed with a significant client base and every one of those clients adds to my skill set. Bottom line, I’ve been there done that and found ways to overcome these obstacles and have come out pretty darn okay. My passion is to share that knowledge with you so that you can feel pretty darn okay too!

It’s not easy peasy for sure, but with my help, you’ll get the support you need to be super successful!


Click HERE to check out the comprehensive 21-Day Sugar Detox™ Online Program. If you decide you want to purchase the book or the complete program, and use me as a free beta coach, please use the links to sign up, then come back to let me know HERE.

It’s important that you sign up before February 23rd so you have ample time to prepare for the March 2nd start date! I look forward to our work together!

Want to check out what the 21-Day Sugar Detox foods look like? Search #21DSD, #21Ddaysugardetox on instagram, pinterest, and Twitter! Look for me at: @nourishingholly

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About the Author:

I am a Portland, Oregon based Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, writer, wife, & mom of 3 amazing spirited sons. My passion is to inspire hope and to help you and/or your loved ones overcome mental, emotional & behavioral challenges such as anxiety, ADD/ADHD, Asperger’s, and depression – as well as neurological dysfunctions such as sensory processing disorder and the associated health conditions that come with these challenges. In collaboration with your medical team, I support these issues through therapeutic diet and lifestyle programs so that you and your family can live purposeful, happy lives. I work with individuals and families both in-person and remotely, conduct group 21-Day Sugar Detox Classes (because getting control of sugar should be foundational to any healing protocol), and am available for media interviews and content contribution. Lastly, I've been a wrestling mom for 10 years now and have worked tirelessly, mastering an optimal performance and weight management plan for high school athletes. I’m happy to speak to groups and organizations who are interested in the topics I am most passionate about.


  1. debi February 4, 2015 at 10:03 am - Reply

    i am interested what time of day are u holding the meetings online.?.

    • pdxhollym February 6, 2015 at 9:40 am - Reply

      Hi Debi!

      Welcome! I will be posting information on a private, maybe secret Facebook group and sending daily emails. I will be hosting conference calls at 5 PM Pacific time on the following Mondays: March 2nd, 9th, and 16th. They will be recorded and you can submit questions in private in advance. I will make a form for you to fill out.

      I hope that helps!


  2. Barbara Bingham February 11, 2015 at 10:09 pm - Reply

    Holly, Just signed up for everything online. I’m looking forward to starting. The timing is perfect. I’ve just started my 3rd round of antibiotics after getting a diagnosis of walking pneumonia today. No doubt a Sugar Detox will help balance my body out after all these drugs. Yuck!

    • pdxhollym February 19, 2015 at 1:54 pm - Reply

      Hi Barbara! I am sorry I didn’t see you post until today! I hope you are feeling better, walking pneumonia – scary! Take care!

  3. jessica February 14, 2015 at 8:58 pm - Reply

    Hi Holly, I am interested in the Sugar Detox too. What do I need to do? I live in the Portland area.

  4. Kay OBrien February 17, 2015 at 9:26 pm - Reply

    I’m not sure if Barbra signed me up? But I would love to join. I’m leaving for HAWAII March 7-14

    • pdxhollym February 19, 2015 at 1:50 pm - Reply

      Hi Kay! I’ll check on that! Coaching starts on Monday and the Detox is from March 2-23 so right in the middle of when you are gone. You can join us still of course but I’m not sure if you want to do it while you are traveling?

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