Nutrition for Youth Athletes #wrestlingmom

Nutrition for Youth Athletes #wrestlingmom

I’m the mom of a wrestler! What initially sparked my passion for nutrition, was helping
my middle son (he’s now in a college where there’s no wrestling team) safely attain his desired weight class while building muscle and increasing strength, energy, and endurance – all while not going hungry!

Not that I support cutting weight in youth sports, however, the reality is, these kids will find a way without your blessing. My husband and I were concerned about this and any potential consequences to short and long term health. I had been on a path to transform my own health and my success prompted my husband to ask me to help our son. My son’s goal was to take the regional title. We actually told him that if he was going to do it, he had to do it with our guidance or we would tell his coach he couldn’t wrestle. He had seen what I had been doing for the last year and we quickly got his buy-in. I really can’t take credit though, it was his commitment and his heart that fueled his passion to win which earned him the regional title in his weight class!

Jacob_2_largeDuring this time, I had been listening to a number of podcasts on sports nutrition while driving my sons around to their various activities. While listening to Robb Wolf’s podcast, The Paleo Solution, my youngest son asked if he should be on nutritional performance plan too. My husband and I decided it would be much easier if we all did it. About a month or two in, we saw significant changes in not only body composition of both boys (more muscles!), but moods, skin, focus and attention in school, academic performance and so much more! My husband and I looked at each other one day and said, wow, there is something to this, let’s keep doing it. It wasn’t easy, let me tell you, there are many days I wanted to cry because it was so darn hard. But, we were so motivated by how profound these changes were for our sons that we couldn’t give up!

We continue to this day eating this way. Our youngest is the only one home now and he makes his own choices outside our home but we still have his buy-in. He can tell the difference in his body, mood, and focus if he choses poorly. However, we make sure he is not deprived. On weekends, we go out for local ice cream, fresh gluten-free baked goods, chocolate, and occasionally for fresh local, house-made pizza. My son even makes his own gluten free treats. We make sure our indulgences are at least the best quality possible!

Since my middle son won regionals, I went back to school, earned a certification with The Nutritional Therapy Association as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and have since added additional training and other certifications.  Most of my work is for the New York Times Best Selling author, blogger, podcaster, and Holistic Nutritionist, Diane Sanfilippo. I’m super excited about my new position as the Program Manager for the Certified 21-Day Sugar Detox Coaches Program. With three different levels of entry and modifications for athletes, pregnant/nursing moms, pescetarians, and those with autoimmune conditions, The 21-Day Sugar Detox is a whole foods based program designed to help you get control of the inflammatory effects of sugar without feeling deprived and without any special potions, powders, or supplements. Just real food that you obtain from your local grocery store/farms/farmer’s markets.

Back to how I connected with HERO! It was my youngest son that made that happen! While at a wrestling tournament, he took at sample of HERO and the information card. Reading the ingredients listed on the information card, he promptly brought it to me and told me that I need to look at it, that the product tastes great and the ingredients looked like ones I would approve of. Sure enough, he was right! I immediately sought out Team Hero and told them how thrilled I was that they were providing something for youth athletes that was sorely needed but simply did not exist! After a long conversation and later meetings, I was asked to join Team Hero!

As Team Hero’s youth sports nutritionist, I’ve been writing a series over at HERO.  In that series, I’ve encouraged parents to refuse to compromise their child’s health when it comes to fueling for athletics. To invest in their future by taking a stand and by empowering them to chose foods wisely for themselves too. At Team HERO, we believe if we can create healthy habits in young athletes, these positive choices will carry over into all areas of their lives, now and into the future.

Fresh whole food as close to nature as possible is always your athlete’s best option for the most nourishment that supports their performance and health. Food that works for them, not against them. However, parents don’t always have time to assemble a well-balanced meal, especially before games and practices.

That is why I was so excited when my son happened upon HEROFUEL during that wrestling tournament.  I’m super passionate about children’s nutrition as I’ve witnessed first hand, the transformation that can happen when the typical disruptive, inflammatory, modern convenience foods are removed and replaced with fresh whole foods as close to nature as possible.

It’s no easy task to maintain that lifestyle so when time is tight and convenience is key, HEROFUEL is the perfect choice go-to snack.

Please go check out my article over at HERO to learn more about how HEROFUEL nourishes your young athletes bodies with everything they need to perform at their best and recover afterwards while delivering amazing taste.

My role is to provide nutritional writing and advice to Team Hero. I’m actually more excited about how nutrition plays a role off the mat/field or out of the gym. What can transpire for you child in every area of their life plays a big role in what “light’s me up!” – as Diane Sanfilippo often asks her fans (What lights you up?) and then she says….”Do that!” I’m doing what “light’s me up” – sharing the word about how real whole food plays a significant difference in every aspect of your child’s life. The links to purchase Herofuel are to Amazon where I have an affiliate account. I get a very small affiliate income from Amazon, which helps support my work. Additionally, when participants that sign up for The 21-Day Sugar Detox via my affiliate link, I earn a small commission. I only promote what I truly believe in.

If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email at


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I am a Portland, Oregon based Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, writer, wife, & mom of 3 amazing spirited sons. My passion is to inspire hope and to help you and/or your loved ones overcome mental, emotional & behavioral challenges such as anxiety, ADD/ADHD, Asperger’s, and depression – as well as neurological dysfunctions such as sensory processing disorder and the associated health conditions that come with these challenges. In collaboration with your medical team, I support these issues through therapeutic diet and lifestyle programs so that you and your family can live purposeful, happy lives. I work with individuals and families both in-person and remotely, conduct group 21-Day Sugar Detox Classes (because getting control of sugar should be foundational to any healing protocol), and am available for media interviews and content contribution. Lastly, I've been a wrestling mom for 10 years now and have worked tirelessly, mastering an optimal performance and weight management plan for high school athletes. I’m happy to speak to groups and organizations who are interested in the topics I am most passionate about.

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