Documenting Hope Project

When I watch this heart wrenching trailer about the Documenting Hope Project (link below), I'm thinking about my children, future grandchildren, and my nieces and nephews. It seems everyone I know is somehow connected in some way with someone they love who is affected by autism, ADHD, allergies, asthma, juvenile RA, mood disorders or type 2 [...]

Finding Balance While Feeding Your Family Well: An Interview on Women’s Wellness Radio

I was honored to be invited to talk with Functional Medicine practitioner, Bridgit Danner, LAC on her podcast, Women's Wellness Radio. Here's Bridgit's intro of me and a link to the interview follows. I hope you learn more about Bridgit, as her own story of healing is also quite remarkable! "Holly Morello is a mother of [...]

Journalist & Author, Sheila Hamilton Interviews Me about Nutrition & Mental Health

Book Review, Giveaway, & Radio Interview with Author Sheila Hamilton: All the Things We Never Knew

I cried. I cried for Sheila, for David, for Sophie, for myself, and for those that I love. All the Things We Never Knew: Chasing The Chaos of Mental Illness was painful to read but so incredibly powerful. I feel I know Sheila and Sophie from years of being Facebook friends with Sheila and also being a fan and [...]

Portland Event: Nourishing Your Whole Self with Real Food & Whole Hearted Living

Please join me as I share my journey to healing and how an unexpected transformation inspired me to help people like you. I'll share tips on real food, movement, mindfulness, connection with others, giving back, self-care, and giving back. This event is free, however, donations are being accepted for The Flawless Foundation in honor of the release [...]

Nutrition for Youth Athletes #wrestlingmom

I'm the mom of a wrestler! What initially sparked my passion for nutrition, was helping my middle son (he's now in a college where there's no wrestling team) safely attain his desired weight class while building muscle and increasing strength, energy, and endurance - all while not going hungry! Not that I support cutting weight in youth [...]

Bigger Than Sport

Proper fuel isn’t just about athletic performance; it’s an investment in your child’s future. In the last two articles I wrote with HERO, #ConcessionRevolt and Sacrificing Performance, we: discussed how unhealthy food choices may sabotage the effort you and your athlete put into his or her sport; gave you some actionable tips for improving your organization’s [...]

Sacrificing Performance

Could you be inadvertently knocking your young athlete “Out of Bounds” with improper nutrition? In the #ConcessionRevolt article, we explored the objective of concession stands in youth sports (to fund athletic programs) and the irony of selling junk food to support something that is supposed to be healthy. We questioned the cost of it all when we [...]


As announced in a previous blog, I've joined the team at HERO in Portland, Oregon. A youth sports nutrition company that celebrates, inspires, and fuels young athletes. The are the crafters of an amazing, whole food based protein bar for active kids that tastes amazing too: HEROFUEL! I'm super excited about this company and all that they stand [...]